by Brian Grove, Site Owner

Welcome to my site. My name is Brian Grove, and I’m a published author. What have I written? Well, we‘ll get to that in a minute. First of all let me tell you a bit about this site. OK, what’s he selling? (is probably your initial thought). It would be mine too if I were you. Well, I do have something that can help you with approaching book publishers, but you can look at that later if you want. What this site is really about is helping you with the process of getting your first book deal, and what happens throughout the process. I have personal experience of this.

I don’t particularly want to get into criticizing other get your book published type sites. But there are a couple of things I should say to illustrate why I think this site is different. When I was writing my book I looked online for support and resources. What I found was a lot of sites selling a lot of product. Worse still, these products didn’t even seem to be written by authors. Things haven’t got much better since, so I want to help encourage you through the process of writing your book, and show you how to approach book publishers, from the point of view of an author.

So what will you find on my site? Well, its organized into posts. But essentially you can read my personal account from my initial idea, through to getting my book published, and what happened throughout the process. I’ll talk about the highs and lows, and there will be a few surprises and laughs along the way. I’m certain you will learn things that you won’t find on other sites. This site also contains a free database of over 1000 traditional book publishers around the world who are currently looking for new authors, the largest on the internet.

How To Approach Book Publishers