Congratulations – we’d like to publish your book…

Do you dream of hearing these words from a publisher?

But do you worry publishers don’t read unsolicited manuscripts from unknown authors?

Well you are right, they don’t.

Busy publishers don’t read manuscripts, they read cover letters.

A cover letter is the letter you enclose with your manuscript when you submit to publishers.

If your cover letter is brilliantly well written, sharp and engaging, and contains all the right information, your manuscript will be read.

If it isn’t, it won‘t.

And if you know how to write a powerful, compelling cover letter – one that connects and resonates deeply with publishers, your chances of convincing them to sign you increases exponentially.

And that is where I can help…

By revealing to you a highly successful cover letter I developed to secure 3 publishing offers for my first book, and a 5-figure cash advance.

A letter that has since helped hundreds of other authors like you secure their first publishing deal.

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email_button“Probably wouldn’t have got myself a publishing deal without brian grove @StingGB and his help on creating a kickass letter.”

- Steven J


man typing

My name is Brian Grove. I’m an internationally published author with Little, Brown Book Group, and the owner of this website.

I’ve appeared in newspapers and magazines, been a guest on numerous radio shows, and national TV.

As you read on, I’ll reveal some techniques from my successful cover letter you can use today to:

  • Grab any publisher’s attention immediately.
  • Secure a publishing deal with a sizable advance.
  • Have several publishers competing to publish you.

The secret to securing a publishing deal today isn’t writing a great book – it’s writing a great cover letter…

A letter that:

  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the publishing industry.
  • Showcases your ability to write clear, sharp, engaging prose.
  • Compels a publisher to respond, and begin a dialogue with you.

When a publisher’s slush pile is overflowing with manuscripts, and they don’t have time to wade through reams and reams of unsolicited work, they rely on cover letters to make a judgment call.

Why do you think they always ask for one?

If the quality of your cover letter is unparalleled, this will mirror your work. If it is lackluster and uninspiring, a publisher will assume the manuscript is too.

Get your cover letter right, and you are well on your way to a publishing deal.

Get your cover letter wrong, and you will be seriously damaging your chances of getting published.

It’s sad, but true.

Perhaps you are already submitting your manuscript to publishers with no success, and understand how frustrating and upsetting this can be?

Your lack of success with publishers is not because you lack talent.

Sometimes highly creative people struggle to communicate their message to publishers, or understand exactly how the publishing industry works.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Being a good writer is not the same as being a good cover letter writer.

Do you think a great manuscript couldn’t be overlooked by a publisher?

Did you know for instance J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected by a dozen publishers before it was picked up by Bloomsbury?

Here’s your problem

When authors write cover letters they tend to tell publishers what they think they want to know, rather than what they actually want to know.

So here’s my first tip for writing a successful cover letter: Think very carefully about what a publisher actually wants to know.

I used to be in exactly the same position as you – an unpublished author desperate to secure my first book deal.

A few years ago I had written my first book, and like any other unpublished author I was keen to impress a publisher.

So together with a university lecturer friend who specializes in English and the narrative form, I set about writing the perfect manuscript cover letter.

A cover letter so powerful, it would have publishers COMPETING to publish me.

The letter took weeks of research, and dozens and dozens of re-writes and edits to perfect. The process lasted a full 3 months.

I sent my manuscript off with my cover letter to a bunch of publishers.

Within a few weeks I received three offers from 3 separate publishers, each of them interested in publishing my first book.

Here are the original letters from the three publishers:

PiatkusThese are the publishers I signed with. Soon afterwards they were taken over by Little, Brown Book Group who are now my publishers. Here is my book (Authors G)


Carroll & BrownThese were the second publishers to contact me. I spoke to them several times on the phone. They wanted to take my book to a European book fair and secure pre-orders.


david & CharlesThese were the last publishers I spoke to. By now I was in advanced negotiations with the publishers I eventually signed with, so I decided not to take matters any further.


So how did I know it was my cover letter that had secured the interest of these three publishers?

I didn’t.

And I didn’t care…

I was a published author!

I banked my advance, and was busy doing newspaper and magazine interviews, radio and TV shows to promote my book.

But then something amazing happened…

A few months after my book was released I received a call out of the blue from a senior editor at my publishers. She asked if I remembered the cover letter I’d enclosed when I sent them my manuscript.

I said I did.

She then went on to explain she was giving a talk at a writers conference about pitching manuscripts to publishers, and asked if she could use my letter.

I said of course. And then I asked why?

Oh, she replied, everyone agrees here “it’s best cover letter we’ve ever received.”

I was absolutely flabbergasted…

…My cover letter was considered by an international publishing house to be ‘the best they’d ever received.’

My publisher receives thousands of manuscript submissions a year, each one with an accompanying cover letter.

For mine to be considered the best they’d ever received was quite an achievement.

I knew my cover letter was good… but up until then I hadn’t realized just how good.

Fast forward a few more months…

I forgot about my cover letter, until an old colleague contacted me.

He’d written a book and was trying to get it published, and he wasn’t having any success.

He’d approached several publishers, and his manuscript kept bouncing back faster than you can say “rejection letter.”

He knew I was a published author, and wondered if I might be able to help.

I told him the story about my cover letter: How it had helped me secure three offers for my first book, and had been considered by major publishing house to be the ‘best they’d ever received.’

We sat down together and set about adapting my original cover letter to his book.

It was surprisingly easy to do, despite his book being a completely different genre to mine.

In fact, my letter has since been adapted to suit every conceivable book genre – fiction and non-fiction – without any problem.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself…

My colleague did a bit of research and found three more publishers to approach. He sent his manuscript off again, this time with my cover letter.

Within three months he’d received an offer of a contract from one of the three publishers. He is now a published author. (Hi Paul)…


email_button“…I’ve just had a contract for my novel thanks to your help…I’ve been trying to get this book published for 3 years…the only change I’ve made is your cover letter.”

- Thanks Brian. Paul

(Full transcript available upon request)


Was this success because of my cover letter again?

But before we get on to that…

How many pages long do you think the cover letter was that I wrote for Paul? – 1 page, 2 pages, 3 pages… longer?

The cover letter was in fact just 140 words from beginning to end. 1 page long.

And that is my second piece of advice for writing a successful cover letter…

No matter what you may read, or hear to the contrary, a cover letter should never EVER exceed 1 page.

There are quite complex reasons for this, which I haven’t got time to go into here.

But speaking of advice…

As a serious writer, I expect you’ll have done some research on the internet.

Perhaps you have also come across some advice about writing a cover letter?

Well, I’ve had a look around the internet too…

…and the majority of the advice is conflicting. Most of it is wrong. But even worse, and I can promise you this, some of the information will actually do your cover letter harm.

Anyway, back to the story…

The word began to get around about my amazing cover letter:

I gave it out together with some instructions on how to adapt it to some unpublished authors for review.

Two of them secured publishers in fairly quick succession.

The successes began to snowball…

One author, who had spent his whole writing career unpublished, finally secured a book deal using my cover letter.

Here is his email to me…


email_button“I sent my new manuscript…and they promptly accepted it. I have received so many rejections in the past I’m a little astonished. Thanks for your advice.”

- Bill

(Full transcript available upon request)


My cover letter has since helped hundreds of other authors just like you secure a publishing deal and advance with top publishers…

…publishers such as HarperCollins, Penguin, Harlequin and many many others.

And the authors are from all around the world – the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Actually, whilst I’m on the subject of publishers, it amazes me how often I hear people say something like…

‘Good publishers today never accept unsolicited manuscripts from unpublished authors unless they are represented by an agent.’

Have you heard this too?

Well, it’s absolute rubbish.

There are several hundred traditional publishers on this website alone. They are all accepting unsolicited submissions from first-time authors, whether represented by an agent or not, and they all pay an advance.

In addition there are several specialist writer’s yearbooks packed full of great publishers, and a few other reliable sources.

I know of approaching 2,000 traditional publishers around the world who accept manuscripts from first time authors. And none of them are those vanity or self publishing outfits who want money from you.

If anyone tells you there aren’t any great publishers out there for first-time authors, you can tell them – THEY ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG.

Landing your first publishing contract brings with it many benefits -

The first thing that happens after you sign a publishing deal, well actually the very first thing that happened (in my case) was I paid off my overdraft.

The first time in years!

But the next thing that happens is you are instantly considered an authority on whatever subject you have written about.

Tap your name into Google and you will see thousands of results… I currently get over 1 million.

Newspapers and magazines want to talk to you, I had my book featured in dozens of them. Radio shows invite you as a guest, and sometimes the TV (I did both.)

Party invitations seem to appear from nowhere. You become a bit of a celebrity, and gain respect from friends, family and loved ones.

Everyone wants to talk to you about your book.

Here are just some of the great benefits of becoming a published author…

  • Gain immediate authority as an expert in your field.
  • Get paid a cash advance.
  • Receive regular royalty payments.
  • Win respect from friends, family and loved ones.
  • Do press, radio, and TV appearances.
  • Receive invitations to book readings, usually including travel.
  • Attend bookshop signings and literary events.
  • Possibly be nominated for a book/literary award.

I am fanatical about helping authors like you secure their first publishing deal.

I understand publishers. Besides securing three deals myself, and helping numerous other authors, I also built this website which contains hundreds of traditional publishers. I speak to publishers every week. I know exactly what they want, and how they operate.

I have written a course in which I can show you how to use my cover letter to secure a publishing deal for your book. I’ve called my course ‘My Perfect Pitch.’ It’s only available from this website.

My Perfect Pitch’ has helped launch the careers of numerous first-time authors by teaching them exactly the same powerful method I used to secure my three publishing offers, and a sizable cash advance.

If writing the perfect cover letter isn’t your strong point, my course is the perfect solution. Why not leave your cover letter to an expert? You can get on with what you do best – writing books.


email_button“I stumbled across your site and immediately I was intrigued. I went ahead and purchased your package and adjusted my letter and sent it out again. All of a sudden, I received two hits from publishers who wanted to read the entire manuscript. Then I received another inquiry from an independent publisher who wanted to read the full script. A week later they wanted to extend me a contract. I was, of course, thrilled. So I wanted to say thank you for your help. I believe your assistance paid off in the end.”

- Thanks again, David H

(Full transcript available upon request)


Here are some of the techniques you’ll learn on my course:

  • Understand the elements of your cover letter.
  • How to evaluate the feasibility of your book.
  • The ideal length for a cover letter, and why.
  • 3 credentials you need to become a published author.
  • Composing a compelling “hook” that conveys the premise of your letter.
  • How to get the publisher’s attention in the first line of the first paragraph.
  • The one salutation you should never use in you cover letter.
  • How to create a unique selling proposition for a book in a genre with lots of competition.
  • Guidelines for preparing your manuscript.
  • 5 essential rules when writing your cover letter. Ignore them at your peril.
  • The items you should never include your a cover letter.
  • How to differentiate your book from competing titles.
  • Showcase your ability to write clear, clean, engaging prose.
  • How to prove there is a substantial market for your book.
  • The truth about multiple submissions.
  • 4 questions publishers ask before considering offering you a deal – and how to answer each.
  • How publishing houses make the decision whether or not to publish your book.
  • The easy way to demonstrate to the publisher that your book is timely.
  • How much you need to explain about your topic to the acquiring editor.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the publishing industry.
  • And so much more…

My cover letter is unique. But the outcome for authors on my course ‘My Perfect Pitch’ is exactly the same. They receive exactly the same publishing contract as any other author, and exactly the same cash advance and other benefits.

Oh, I nearly forgot…

Did you spot the 3 deliberate errors on this page?

If you did, very well done. That means you have natural editing skills.

Which is my final piece of advice for submitting your work to publishers successfully. Well it’s not so much a piece of advice really as – ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.

When submitting your work to publishers it is vital your manuscript is edited to a high standard.

Here are the questions I get asked most frequently about my course ‘My Perfect Pitch’

Q: What does your course consist of?

A: The foundation of ‘My Perfect Pitch’ is the same highly successful cover letter I used to secure three offers for my first book, a publishing contract, and a sizable advance. You will receive a copy of my original letter, together with easy to follow instructions on how to adapt it to your book.

You will also receive free tools and resources to self-edit your manuscript (usually just the first 1-3 chapters – all that most publishers want initially), sources of quality publishers, and instructions on how to pitch your manuscript professionally.

Q: How do I use the course?

A: You will be joining a select group working 1:1 online with me. You self-edit your manuscript, write and refine your cover letter, research target publishers, and then submit your manuscript. You can contact me by email anytime if you have any problems or questions. Course members say they appreciate this personal touch, and my hunch is you will too.

Q: When can I expect to see results?

A: You will have your manuscript prepared, cover letter written, target publishers researched, and be ready to submit your manuscript to publishers in 1-2 weeks. You can expect to see positive responses from publishers in 1-3 months.

Q: How do I purchase your course?

A: To purchase ‘My Perfect Pitch’, simply click the Buy Now button below. You will be taken to Paypal’s secure payment page. You can pay with any major credit or debit card. My course costs just £62.50/$97, less than 2% of the average advance paid to first-time authors. Anyone who joins my course, follows my instructions, and fails to secure the interest of at least one traditional publisher is offered a full refund. This hasn’t happened yet.

Q: What happens once I have purchased your course?

A: As soon as I receive notification of your payment I’ll contact you by email to introduce myself, and send you my course. You then work at your own pace following my step-by-step instructions, knowing I’m always there if you need me. As I’ve already said, you can email me anytime.


email_button“Hi Brian. I purchased your course and am pleased to tell you that I have been accepted by a publisher, who plan to release my book in May.
Many thanks for your help,”

- Thea

(Full transcript available upon request)


But wait, there’s more…

As a special bonus, I’m offering to do the final edit of your cover letter for you, personally, FREE OF CHARGE, to ensure it is perfect… guaranteeing your success.

I don’t contract this work out to anyone. I will be undertaking the edit personally.

I normally charge $197 for editing a cover letter, and $497 to write one. So this free bonus alone makes the cost of my entire course an absolute bargain.

With my offer of a free personal final edit, you cannot loose.

Your dream of securing a book deal with a mainstream traditional publisher is now within your reach.

I imagine you are a bit skeptical… after all I am claiming quite a lot.

But ask yourself this – how could I possibly get personally involved with helping you secure a book deal with a mainstream traditional publisher if I don’t deliver what I promise?

I am an internationally published author, I have appeared in the national press, radio and TV. The risk is all on me.

So what are you waiting for?…

‘My Perfect Pitch’ is not a theory, it is a unique, market proven technique.

Gain astonishing, unprecedented access to publishers, and watch your manuscript automatically jump to the front of the queue.

Remember – my course comes with my free online support, plus a free edit undertaken by me personally, and my 100% money-back guarantee…

You take ZERO risk.

…as long as you agree to give my course a try.

If, after trying ‘My Perfect Pitch’ you are not 100% delighted with my course for any reason, just contact me within 90 days for a full refund.

That way you risk nothing.

Oh, there’s one other thing I can guarantee: I guarantee if you never try…you’ll never get your book published.

I guarantee you’ll be glad you did…or your money back.

What happens next is entirely up to you.

Click below to order ‘My Perfect Pitch’

Cost £62.50/$97

I can only offer a place on my course to 10 people at any one time. This is to ensure my cover letter is controlled in the publishing market. This contributes to its success.

A place on ‘My Perfect Pitch’ is available today

…but it may not be the next time you click on this page. So I urge you to book your place now.

Best regards,



Brian Grove.

P.S. Join an exclusive group of authors and get access to my powerful, successful cover letter. Remember, you don’t need any special skills, I’ll walk you through the course step-by-step.

Don’t put this decision off… ‘My Perfect Pitch’ is only open to a select group of 10 authors at any one time. Make sure you can secure your place today.

Now you have discovered why you are being rejected, make the decision to change.

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email_button“Good morning Brian, Excellent news! We purchased your ‘Perfect Pitch’ and used the brilliant information provided to approach publishers regarding a series of children’s stories that Ann my wife had written.

Within 2 weeks of the covering letter and first three stories being sent, Ann was invited to forward the other 7 and has now been offered a publishing contract.

Your information regarding the letter was of enormous benefit to us and I would certainly recommend it to any other ‘budding authors’ as I am sure that it helped Ann to get her ‘foot in the door’.

Many thanks and keep up the very good work.”

- Regards, Ann and Jack H