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man typingDear Fellow Author,

There’s ONE THING that 99% of all authors don’t understand.

They think they know how to get a book published.

They slave for hours over a keyboard, churning out chapter after chapter. Months, maybe years later, they submit the manuscript to a few big-name publishers.

Slowly, each copy of the manuscript is returned with a standard rejection note.


Because the VAST MAJORITY of published books are commissioned from a Submission Letter – and NOT the manuscript.

What is a submission letter?

A submission letter is the letter you enclose with your manuscript to introduce yourself and your work to a publisher. It contains critical information about your new best-seller – and done well, it rockets your chances of getting published.

Based on the submission letter, publishers will often ACCEPT your manuscript — offering you a PUBLISHING CONTRACT and a sizeable ROYALTY ADVANCE.

Busy publishers don’t read manuscripts. They read submission letters.

Right now you don’t understand the system properly.

You’re missing out.

So, read on – and let me show you the SECRETS of writing a winning submission letter.


email_button“…I’ve just had a contract for my novel thanks to your ebook…I’ve been trying to get this book published for 3 years…the only change I’ve made is your submission letter.”

Thanks Brian. So glad I found your website. Steve

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Gain An IMMEDIATE Advantage Over 99% of Authors!
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Let me tell you something.

Submission letters are a FANTASTIC way to get published!

You spend just a couple of hours preparing your submission letter. Then you mail out your package to a number of leading publishers, and wait for the offers.

It’s literally that EASY.

No more months of waiting. No more returned manuscripts.

In fact, just THINK about the benefits of a great submission letter:

You’ll secure a publishing contract with a TOP-NAME PUBLISHER – who will guarantee to publish your book! And you can negotiate a great rate.

You’ll likely be issued with a GENEROUS ADVANCE on your royalties. The better the submission letter, the more cash you’ll have to spend.

You’ll be guaranteed GREATER SUCCESS than the 99% of authors who submit manuscripts. You’re showing the publisher you know what they want – and will stand out as a professional!

You’ll win RESPECT from friends, family and loved ones, gain immediate authority as an expert in your field. And you could even be nominated for a book/literary award.

You’ll receive INVITATIONS to do press, radio, and TV, book readings — usually including travel — and attend bookshop signings and literary events.

However MOST authors don’t understand how to create a winning submission letter.

… Do YOU?

Do you know EXACTLY what you should – and more importantly, should NOT – include when writing your submission letter?
(This answer actually VARIES depending on the book – and might just surprise you!)

Should your submission letter be just one page, or longer?
(There’s a definite answer for this one.)

And do you know the difference between a fiction submission letter, and a non-fiction submission letter?

What about the single most important part of your submission letter – something that MOST authors only spend a few seconds working on? Fix THIS and you’re almost guaranteed success.

And that’s just the beginning.

There are a whole series of elements that busy editors EXPECT you to include.

Get these wrong – and you might as well be sending in your manuscript with the other 99%. Your work will simply be rejected.

But get it right – and you can practically GUARANTEE yourself a publishing contract.

Submission Letters are EASY. Want to learn more?


email_button“Good morning Brian, Excellent news! We purchased your ‘Perfect Pitch’ and used the brilliant information provided to approach publishers regarding a series of children’s stories that Ann my wife had written.

Within 2 weeks of the covering letter and first three stories being sent, Ann was invited to forward the other 7 and has now been offered a publishing contract.

Your information regarding the letter was of enormous benefit to us and I would certainly recommend it to any other ‘budding authors’ as I am sure that it helped Ann to get her ‘foot in the door’.”

Many thanks and keep up the very good work.

Regards, Ann and Jack H


I’ve Personally Edited 100’s Of Submission Letters
I Know What Really Works, And I Want to Show You!

My name is Brian Grove – and I’d like to thank you for reading this far.

I’m the owner of this site, and a published author with Little, Brown, Book Group. As a published author I’ve appeared in newspapers and magazines, been a guest on numerous radio shows, and national TV.

I need to tell you a very quick story which should be titled unpublished author accidentally discovers the secret of how to write the perfect submission letter – first time‘…

After my book was published I received a phonecall out of the blue from a senior commissioning editor at my publishers. She said she was giving a talk at a writers conference addressing prospective authors on how to pitch their manuscripts.

She asked if she could use the submission letter I’d enclosed with my manuscript. Of course, I said. Curious, I asked her why? She said, and I quote “It’s by far the best submission letter we’ve ever received here.”

I was completely FLABBERGASTED. This is a multimillion pound publishing group. It publishes hundreds of books a year, and gets thousands of book submissions from hopeful authors.

For my submission letter to be considered the best they’d ever received was quite something. I was delighted it was being used as an example to other writers at a conference.

Using this submission letter I didn’t get an offer from just one publisher, in fact THREE publishers became interested in my first book.

Here are the original letters from the 3 publishers:

PiatkusThese are the publishers I signed with. Soon afterwards they were taken over by Little, Brown, Book Group who re-issued my book in paperback. Here it is now (Authors G)


Carroll & BrownThese were the second publishers to contact me. I spoke to them several times on the phone. They wanted to take my book to the Frankfurt book fair and secure orders.


david & CharlesThese were the last publishers I spoke to. By now I was in advanced negotiations with the publishers I eventually signed with, so I decided not to take things any further.


All three of these offers were secured using my submission letter. (In fact there was also a fourth publisher, but I’ve lost their details).

I’ve personally edited hundreds of submission letters – and helped numerous authors secure a publishing deal.

I know the business.

And I know how to write a KILLER SUBMISSION LETTER.

That’s why I have written an ebook which contains my submission letter. It explains exactly how and why my letter works, and also how you can easily adapt it to your book and secure a publishing deal. I’ve called my ebook:

My Perfect Pitch: How To Create The Perfect Book Submission Letter.

“My Perfect Pitch” will show you how to write a manuscript submission letter publishers want, not what authors think publishers want. Gain astonishing, unprecedented access to publishers, and watch your book jump to the front of the queue.

“My Perfect Pitch”

Inside “My Perfect Pitch”, you’ll discover EXACTLY how to write your own killer submission letter for MAXIMUM SUCCESS.

I’ll show you PRECISELY what a publisher is looking for – and how to deliver it in a way that makes them get out their pen and write you a royalty advance check/cheque IMMEDIATELY!

In my ebook, you’ll discover the SECRETS that most authors NEVER REALIZE. You’ll bag yourself a top-notch publisher 1st time!

How does that sound to you?

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email_button“Probably wouldn’t have got myself a publishing deal without brian grove @StingGB and his help on creating a kickass letter.”

Steven J


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The questions you MUST ALWAYS ANSWER in order to ensure your manuscript is read.

The MOST IMPORTANT PART of any submission letter – and the SECRETS for getting this part exactly right!

The most important KEY WORDS that TRIGGER a response from a publisher.

The THREE HOOK system, and why you need this to sell your manuscript in RECORD TIME!

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Read my FULL, SUCCESSFUL submission letter. Just copy, paste and edit – for guaranteed success!

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The GREATEST submission letter SECRET of all. How to use it to virtually GUARANTEE a publishing offer.

What you MUST prove in your submission letter – and the simple two-step system that does it for you!

How to use PSYCHOLOGY to increase your chances with publishers. Psychological triggers blithely ignored by other authors.

Uncover FULL GUIDANCE on everything you should include in your submission letter from the opening line to the closing sentence, and other things you probably never even thought about!

FIVE STEPS to deciding whether you’d be better off sending your submission letter to a publisher, or an AGENT!

The THREE CRITICAL components of your submission letter. Used correctly these will ALWAYS work.

How to choose the BEST PUBLISHERS to send your submission letter to and what happens next!

And all of this advice applies the WORLD OVER, including the USA and UK — with valuable country-specific insights where required.

So, would YOU like to sell your manuscript or book idea – and get published within 30 days?

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And the ebook doesn’t just stop there…


email_button“I stumbled across your site and immediately I was intrigued. I went ahead and purchased your package and adjusted my query and synopsis and sent it out again. All of a sudden, I received two hits from publishers who wanted to read the entire manuscript. Then I received another inquiry from an independent publisher who wanted to read the full script. A week later they wanted to extend me a contract. I was, of course, thrilled. So I wanted to say thank you for your site. I believe your assistance paid off in the end.

Thanks again, David H

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What are you waiting for?


email_button“Dear Brian, Thanks to your brilliant submission letter, yesterday I received a request from ***** ******* for the complete manuscript which I will send as soon as the book is finished, only a few pages now. I also received a contract from ** **********”

Best regards, Sheila

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email_buttonI sent my new manuscript…and they promptly accepted it. I have received so many rejections in the past I’m a little astonished. Thanks for your advice.


(Full transcript available upon request)


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email_button“Hi Brian. I purchased your guide and am pleased to tell you that I have been accepted by a publisher, who plan to release my book in May.
Many thanks for your help, “


(Full transcript available upon request)



Submission letters are the secret tool of professional authors.

99% of authors are useless at them – and that’s why they remain unpublished.

You’re now one of the lucky 1%.

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Brian Grove, Author
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