How To Get Your Book Published With A Mainstream Traditional Publisher In Under 30 Days

Do you worry that you won’t get your book published because you don’t know how to approach publishers successfully? I’ll show you a technique so powerful publishers will be competing to publish you…

man typingDear Fellow Author,

…….My name is Brian Grove, the owner of this site and a published author with Little, Brown Book Group, one of the largest publishers in the world.

…….If you want the opportunity to get your book published by a mainstream traditional publisher like me, within 30 days, then read on…

…….It’s a little known fact that publishers make a judgement about your writing based on the quality of your submission letter. (Your submission letter is the introductory letter you write that accompanies your manuscript, some people call them cover letters). If your submission letter is brilliantly written, sharp and engaging, and contains the right information, your manuscript will be read. If it isn’t, it probably won‘t.

…….If If you think it’s only your manuscript that counts, and genius can’t possibly be overlooked, then think again

…….Stephen King’s first novel, Carrie, was rejected by 30 publishers. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig was turned down a staggering 121 times. Even J.K. Rowling’s first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was rejected by a dozen publishers before it was picked up by Bloomsbury. There are many other examples like these too.

…….Your manuscript submission letter is the most important thing you will ever write, and the first thing of yours a publisher will read. It’s the shop window to your work. One mistake here and publishers will already be pre-judging your abilities as a writer. You could spend months, years even, writing a fantastic manuscript, then submit it with a mediocre submission letter and risk being rejected.

…….Maybe you are already receiving rejection letters from publishers. Could it be your submission letter? Read this email I received from a reader of my eBook:


email_button“…I’ve just had a contract for my novel thanks to your ebook…I’ve been trying to get this book published for 3 years…the only change I’ve made is your cover letter.”

Thanks Brian. So glad I found your website. Steve

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…….The problem is everyone thinks ‘it’s just a submission letter, surely it’s only my manuscript that’s important.’

…….You wouldn’t adopt the same attitude with a job application. Without a great job application you wouldn’t even get an interview, let alone the job. Why would you think your book submission letter is any different?

…….You need two things in order to secure a publishing deal: A great manuscript, and a superbly written submission letter to grab the publisher’s attention. I’ll assume you’ve already got the first, I’m now going to show you how to get the second.

I Was Amazed When My Publisher Told Me This

…….I need to tell you a short story which should be titled ‘unpublished author discovers the secret of how to get published – first time‘…

…….After my first book was published I received a phone call from a senior editor at my publishers. She said she was giving a talk at a writers conference, and asked if she could use the letter that I had enclosed when I submitted my book to them. I said yes, of course. Curious, I asked her why? She said, and I quote, “It’s the best submission letter we have ever received here.

…….I was absolutely flabbergasted. This is a multimillion pound publishing group which publishes hundreds of books a year, and gets thousands of book submissions from hopeful authors. I was delighted my submission letter was considered the best they had ever received, and was being used as an example to writers at a conference.

…….Using this submission letter I didn’t just get an offer from one publisher, in fact three publishers became interested in my book. Here are the original letters from the 3 publishers:

PiatkusThese are the publishers I signed with. Soon afterwards they were taken over by Little, Brown, Book Group who re-issued my book in paperback. Here it is now (Authors G)


Carroll & BrownThese were the second publishers to contact me. I spoke to them several times on the phone. They wanted to take my book to the Frankfurt book fair and secure orders.


david & CharlesThese were the last publishers I spoke to. By now I was in advanced negotiations with the publishers I eventually signed with, so I decided not to take things any further.


…….All three of these offers were secured using my submission letter. (In fact there was a fourth, but I’ve lost the details).

…….I understand how frustrating it can be when starting out as an author. Before I got my book published I worried whether I could even secure the interest of one publisher, let alone three. Now I’m going to show you how you can achieve this for yourself.

A Powerful, Persuasive Submission Letter Is Achievable

Ebook Cover

…….I spent more than a month composing my submission letter in conjunction with a University lecturer who is an expert in literature and the narrative form. Described as “the best they had ever received” by an international publishing house, my letter has since helped hundreds of other writers secure a publishing deal.

…….I have written an eBook which contains my submission letter. The eBook explains exactly how and why my letter works, and also how you can easily adapt it to your book and secure a publishing deal. I’ve called my eBook My Perfect Pitch: How To Create The Perfect Book Submission Letter.

…….My Perfect Pitch will show you how to write a manuscript submission letter publishers want, not what authors think publishers want. Gain astonishing, unprecedented access to publishers, and watch your book jump to the front of the queue.

…….Here are some testimonials from people who have used my eBook to help secure a publishing deal:


email_button““Hi Brian. I bought your perfect pitch figuring – what the heck. Writing for twenty-five years with no responses from agents or publishers had been frustrating…after using your query letter that you (as promised) reviewed personally I got several positive responses and just signed my book deal! Thanks for a great idea. Just don’t let too many in on it – just kidding.”


(Full transcript available upon request)



email_button“Hi Brian…After I found your website and read all your wonderful advice, I decided that your book was a good buy. Just thought I’d let you know, you’ve done it again. I’m receiving a contract today.”

Thank you so much! Regards, Amanda G

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email_button“I sent the first three chapters…two weeks later I received a phone call…Made what I think was a good publishing deal…Your submission letter helped get me in the door…It works

Many thanks, Robert

(Full transcript available upon request)



email_button“Hello Brian…Took up your offer…and after all YOUR hard work…it paid off on a submission…Just received an Email with the offer of a contract.”

Regards Allan

(Full transcript available upon request)

…….Here are some of the techniques My Perfect Pitch will teach you:

  • The three most powerful words you can use in your submission letter. You’ll be shocked when you discover what they are.
  • How to manipulate the law of supply and demand. Make publishers hungry for your manuscript, regardless of the competition or economic climate.
  • The art of writing a great opening paragraph. The way to establish an immediate rapport with publishers.
  • Discover how many submission letters you need to send out to receive positive responses.
  • Why it’s a big mistake to end your letter this way. Write a killer last line that always sparks a publishers interest.
  • The correct way to write your submission letter whether you are submitting a fiction or non fiction book. (There is a difference.)
  • How to submit your manuscript to any publishing house anywhere around the world.
  • The one big mistake you can make that is virtually guaranteed to result in a rejection letter.
  • The question you must always answer in order to ensure your manuscript is read.
  • You don’t need to have completed your book. How you can submit just a couple of chapters, or even a book idea.
  • How to research publishers correctly to ensure they will definitely be interested in your manuscript.
  • The most important key words that trigger a response from publishers.
  • How to get even the most hostile and skeptical publishers to read your manuscript.
  • Understand the way publishers read submissions to improve your responses dramatically.
  • How to write your submission letter easily – word by word – sentence by sentence – paragraph by paragraph.
  • The greatest submission letter secret of all. How to use it to virtually guarantee a publishing offer.
  • How to use psychology to increase your chances with publishers. Psychological triggers blithely ignored by other authors.
  • Essential elements of the submission process. Understand these, and you will have the submission process cracked.
  • How to apply salesmanship in your letter and enhance your manuscript’s chances.
  • The critical components of your submission letter. Used correctly these will always work.

Now It‘s Your Turn To Have An Unfair Advantage

…….You’ve taken time to read this far. I appreciate that. So let me tell you a bit about life as a published author.

…….The first thing that happens after you get published, well actually the very first thing that happens (in my case) is you pay off your overdraft with your advance. But the second thing that happens is you are instantly considered an authority on whatever subject you‘ve written about.

…….Tap your name into Google and you will see thousands of results. I currently get over 1 million. Newspapers and magazines suddenly want to talk to you. I had my book featured in dozens of them. You become a bit of a celebrity, and gain respect for what you have achieved from friends, family and loved ones. Radio shows want you, and sometimes the TV (I did both.) Party invitations increase, and everybody wants to talk to you about your book.

…….Here are some of the benefits of becoming a published author…

  • Gain immediate authority as an expert in your subject
  • Be paid an advance
  • Receive regular royalty payments
  • Win respect from friends, family and loved ones
  • Do press, radio, and TV appearances
  • Receive invitations to book readings, usually including travel
  • Attend bookshop signings and literary events
  • Possibly be nominated for a book/literary award

A Winning Submission Letter Very Few Authors Know About

…….You may be asking yourself – why should I pay for an eBook to learn how to write a submission letter when I can probably find this information online?

…….You are right, you can find information. Lots and lots of information. And all of it is conflicting and most of it is wrong. But far worse is that some of the information will actually do your submission letter harm.

…….It isn’t lack of information that will be your problem if you try to research a submission letter yourself, it’s lack of clarity. How many people who write this information are qualified to advise you in the first place?

…….Why risk it – Wouldn’t it be far easier to just have an expert tell you exactly what to write in your submission letter – Literally give you a template to work to and help you get published?

I Cannot Possibly Make It Any Easier For You To Secure A Publishing Deal

…….Perhaps you are now thinking: OK, so I buy your eBook, write my submission letter, and that’s it is it? Definitely not. circleI’m going to personally ensure your submission letter is perfect. I am fanatical about helping authors get their submission letters right. If you buy My Perfect Pitch today it will include my personal input. This isn’t available from anyone else offering a similar product.

…….Order My Perfect Pitch today and I will provide free online support in the form of my personal appraisal of your submission letter by email once you have completed it, and I’ll also edit it for you free of charge. This is included in the price of the eBook. I normally charge £100.00 ($150.00) per hour for this service. There really has never been a better chance to land a traditional, advance paying book deal.

The Best Guarantee In The Business

…….I imagine you are a bit skeptical. After all I am claiming quite a lot. But ask yourself this – how could I possibly get personally involved with helping you secure a book deal with a mainstream traditional publisher, within 30 days, if I don’t deliver what I promise? I am an internationally published author, I have appeared in the national press, radio and TV. The risk is all on me.

…….I can’t promise publishers will be offering you huge advance payments from day one. But I can promise if you follow the instructions in My Perfect Pitch when writing your submission letter you will definitely receive offers similar to those I received. It’s then up to you to secure the best deal for yourself. Imagine having the advantage of several publishers to choose from?

blue guarantee

…….I was trying to decide how much to charge for My Perfect Pitch. £295.00 isn’t too much when you consider it secured me a book deal and sizable advance with an international publishing house, and could do the same for you. But not everyone can afford £295.00. So I settled on £195.00. But even £195.00 is beyond some people’s means. I want you to achieve what I did. So as a special introductory offer, and for a very limited period only, I’m offering My Perfect Pitch at half price – just £95.00. But to ensure you can take advantage of this amazing low price, you must order today.

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My Perfect Pitch: How To Create The Perfect Book Submission Letter

“A Submission Letter So Effective, Publishers Will Be Calling You


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