Winning Cover Letter Lands 1st Time Author 3 Traditional Publishing Offers


Are you an author ready to get your book published but don’t know where to start? Or do you think a traditional, advance paying book deal is out of your reach?

Now you can take the stress out of securing a traditional book deal for yourself, and avoid being suckered into self-publishing, or signing a contract without a cash advance.

My Perfect Pitch is a little known technique so powerful traditional publishers they will literally be competing to publish you…

I Was Amazed When My Publisher Told Me This:

It’s a little known fact that publishers make a judgement about authors based on the quality of their submission letter alone. (Your submission letter is the introductory letter that accompanies your manuscript, some people call them cover letters).

Why do you think publishers always ask for one?

If your submission letter is brilliantly written, sharp and engaging, and contains the right information, your manuscript will be read. If it isn’t, it won‘t.

Maybe you are already receiving rejection letters from publishers. Could it be your submission letter? Read this email I recently received from a reader of My Perfect Pitch

email_button“I’ve just had a contract for my novel thanks to your ebook…I’ve been trying to get this book published for 3 years…the only change I’ve made is your cover letter.” Thanks Brian. So glad I found your website. Steve

A Powerful, Persuasive Manuscript Submission Letter Is Achievable

My name is Brian Grove, the owner of this site and a published author with Little, Brown Book Group, one of the largest publishers in the world. I need to tell you a quick story which should be titled ‘unpublished author discovers the secret of how to get published – first time‘…

After my book was published I received a phone call from a senior editor at my publishers. She said she was giving a talk at a writers conference, and asked if she could use the letter that I had enclosed when I submitted my book to them. I said yes, of course. Curious, I asked her why? She said, and I quote, “It’s the best submission letter we have ever received here.”

I was absolutely flabbergasted. This is a multi-million pound publishing group which publishes hundreds of books a year, and gets thousands of book submissions from hopeful authors. I was delighted my submission letter was considered the best they had ever received, and was being used as an example to writers at a conference.

Using this submission letter I didn’t get an offer from just one publisher, in fact three publishers became interested in my book. Here are the original letters from the 3 publishers:

PiatkusThese are the publishers I signed with. Soon afterwards they were taken over by Little, Brown, Book Group who re-issued my book in paperback. Here it is now (Authors G)


Carroll & BrownThese were the second publishers to contact me. I spoke to them several times on the phone. They wanted to take my book to the Frankfurt book fair and secure orders.


david & CharlesThese were the last publishers I spoke to. By now I was in advanced negotiations with the publishers I eventually signed with, so I decided not to take things any further.


I have written an eBook which contains my winning submission letter. It explains exactly how and why my letter works, and also how you can easily adapt it to your book and secure a publishing deal yourself. I’ve called my eBook My Perfect Pitch: How To Create The Perfect Book Submission Letter.

Written By An Internationally Published Author

Inside My Perfect Pitch you’ll discover:

  • A copy of my original submission letter
  • Instructions on how adapt it to your manuscript
  • Separate techniques for fiction & non fiction books, all genres
  • Sources of publishers paying advances from $100s to $1,000,000+
  • Variations for US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, & New Zealand publishers

You’ll love My Perfect Pitch if:.

  • You are ready to submit your manuscript to publishers and launch your professional career as a published author.
  • You need a publisher who pays an advance against future royalties, and accepts submissions from all authors, without the need for a literary agent.
  • You want to gain instant authority as a published author, respect from loved ones, friends and family, and attend regular events.

What buyers of My Perfect Pitch are saying…

email_buttonHi Brian. I bought your perfect pitch figuring – what the heck. Writing for twenty-five years with no responses from agents or publishers had been frustrating…after using your query letter I got several positive responses and just signed my book deal! Thanks for a great idea. Just don’t let too many in on it – just kidding.” Robert

email_button“Hi Brian…After I found your website and read all your wonderful advice, I decided that your book was a good buy. Just thought I’d let you know, you’ve done it again. I’m receiving a contract today. Thank you so much!” Regards, Amanda G

email_buttonI sent the first three chapters…two weeks later I received a phone call…Made what I think was a good publishing deal…Your submission letter helped get me in the door…It works. Many thanks” Rona

“Hello Brian…Took up your offer…and after all YOUR hard work…it paid off on a submission…Just received an Email with the offer of a contract. Regards” Allan

Now It‘s Your Turn To Have An Unfair Advantage

Before I got my book published I worried whether I could even secure the interest of one publisher, let alone three. Now you can achieve this for yourself. My Perfect Pitch is not a theory, it’s a market proven technique.

My Perfect Pitch will show you how to write a manuscript submission letter publishers want, not what authors think publishers want. Gain astonishing, unprecedented access to publishers, and watch your book jump to the front of the queue.

Join hundreds of other authors and give yourself the best chance of securing a traditional book publishing deal today. Your order is protected by Paypal’s Buyer Protection as well as my personal money back guarantee of satisfaction. You can contact me here anytime.


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