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1011 Washington Avenue South
Open Book
Suite 300
MN 55415

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Our mission is to identify, nurture and publish transformative literature. Without your support, it would be impossible for us to succeed. In 2013, through your purchases and your gifts, you helped us pay 44% more in royalties and advances to authors, enabled us to consider some 2,000 manuscripts with no charge to the submitters, and helped us bring transformative literature to more than a quarter of a million readers. – See more at:

Company Profile:

Milkweed Editions are book publishers based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Established in 1980, the company is a not for profit literary press with a mission is publish transformative literature. Milkweed Editions publishes 15-20 books each year and has nearly 300 titles in print.

Areas Of Interest:

  • Fiction
  • Literary Non Fiction
  • Middle Grade To YA Novels
  • Poetry Collections

Author Guidelines:

Manuscripts to Milkweed Editions are accepted during the following submission periods: January-March & July-September. Click here if you need more help approaching this publisher.